3 Ways To Expand More Spaces To A Car

Cargo basket 

Cargo baskets can be used by those who want to increase the storage capacity of their cars. If you want a large storage unit, the basket is probably the largest available.

Although this is a good thing for many people, it also has some disadvantages. When using baskets to transport goods, they are exposed outdoors with few protective measures. Admittedly, you can add a tarp on it, but it still doesn’t fully protect the goods. So, although you can get a lot of extra space, you need to consider this negative impact.

However, if you can sacrifice protection for a large amount of storage capacity, this is a good choice. In addition, it is a cost-effective solution and is considered a permanent option. Therefore, although it has a major flaw, it

can still benefit many people.  


Hitch-mounted cargo carrier

Although they are not as common as above, they are a great storage device and we believe many people can benefit from it.

It is not located on the roof, but is connected to the hook (rear) of the car. It is not classified as a trailer, so no additional license is required. Instead, it’s a small extension in the back seat of your car, and it will provide you with extra storage.

Many people like these because of their high carrying capacity and are usually determined by the limitation of the hook itself. By knowing this, you will be able to determine the weight of the goods that can be loaded.

The cargo carriers are implemented in different ways, including people carrying additional camping equipment, air compressors and other heavy machinery or fishing gear. Whatever it is, if they are waterproof, cargo carriers may be a valuable choice.


Hitch-mounted cargo bike rack

Imagine this, where can you put your bike in the car? Maybe you can take off the front wheel, fold the back seat, and slide it in from the trunk. However, it takes a lot of effort and does not allow you to transport more than one or two bikes. If you want to load five bikes effortlessly, a walking bike rack will be your favorite extra storage unit.

These devices are installed on the hooks located at the back of the car. On top of them are accessories, and you can load the bike and fasten it to them. The total time required to load and unload these files takes only a few minutes. Because of this, it is more worthy of consideration for those who continuously transport large-capacity bicycles.


Post time: Apr-01-2022