Test to Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Car Cover Use in Heat Resistance

How is the temperature difference in cars with/without  the use of Car Cover in hot day?

We conducted a test of various covers to measure their effectiveness to reduce the vehicle interior temperature

• Test was conducted at Ontario, CA when the temperature was around 100℉
• Test involved car with 1 layer Basic Guar Car Cover, Alumisoft Car Cover & without cover
• Alumisoft reduced the interior temp by extra 34.7℉ when compared with 1 layer basic cover
• Alumisoft reduced the interior temp by whopping 70.8℉ when compared with car without a cover on
• Max Interior Temp reached by various coverings:

car cover test


The above test data indicates the use of a car cover preforms well in heat resistance especially Leader Accessories Alumisoft Cover performs the best on Heat resistance, because it reflects the UV well.




Post time: Sep-15-2022