Our Story


We aim to innovate, we aim to please.

We aim to provide high quality product at good value.

Power your adventure and make a better life.

Leader Accessories

As its name implies, we want to become a leader in the industry, to provide our customers with the highest quality all the time.

We started our business decades ago, first in the Auto Accessories industry, and then expanded to Outdoors and Sports. We’re now offering a wide range of products to fulfill different customer needs and satisfy different customer desires.

Life is about adventuring and discovering who we are. Leader is about striving to make ourselves better and helping our customers to live better in their adventures.



Brand introduction

Leader Accessories was founded in 2011, and over more than 10 years developing, today’s Leader Accessories is growing to be a raw material production, product research and development, production, supply chain and sales set in one-scale brand, and services all customer channels including community group buying, social media influencer, key opinion leader, E-commerce, retail, OEM, distribution, and dealer. Be partner with us, and we can help your business grow.

What we have


Efficient teams that provide competitively priced packages, including a wide range of products, marketing information sharing, presentation and review support, product design and upgrades, quality product descriptions, packaging support, sales support, customer service teams, warehousing, packaging and logistics solutions, dedicated shipping teams, which is built to provide the fastest turnaround time for all issues and opportunities.

Two warehouses in the United States, one in Los Angeles and the other in Wisconsin, which perfectly maintain inventory and provide warehousing and logistics solutions, thus shipped directly and domestically is available, which provides flexibility for our customers.


Equipped with Oracle Netsuite system, ECCANG ERP, and contracted with SPS commerce, our advanced systems and processes utilize the latest technology and management so to know how to move your products quickly and cost-effectively.