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Through strategic cooperation with Repco, Jula, Leader Accessories has a production base covering an area of 210000 square meters and has more than 750 employees, Leader Accessories is an international brand integrating car covers, seat covers, bicycle racks, canoe racks and other accessories, etc. After years of international brand promotion, it has developed into a world-class high-end outdoor sports brand. Additionally, in 2020, the company's production capacity has increased significantly, the quality of word-of-mouth is famous all over the world, the sales channels are diversified, the talent team is globalized, the efficient team provides competitive price packages, including a wide range of products, marketing information sharing, presentation and review support, product design and upgrading, high-quality product description, packaging support, sales support, customer service team, warehousing, packaging and logistics solutions, dedicated transportation team, which aims to provide the fastest turnaround time for all problems and opportunities, and the brand influence is greatly excavated. In order to achieve greater growth, we have carried out strategic cooperation with a number of international well-known design institutes and large high-end brand chain channels.

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