Alumisoft Maximum Heat and Sun Reflective Heavy Duty Waterproof Car Cover Outdoor Use

Dual function car cover design provides the ultimate protection from all weather conditions. Aluminum PEVA design keeps weather out while protecting your vehicle from the inside by allowing material to breathe, preventing build-up of moisture that could cause rust and mold.



Product Details

Product Tags

* Ultimate protection from the sun and UV rays

* Ideal Vehicle Protection for warm weather 

* Maximum Heat & Sun Reflective Technology


  Top layer is coated with an Aluminum film that reflects heat keeping vehicle cooler


   Top layer includes UV coating providing further protection from sun

   PEVA and HDPE provide durability and waterproof protection

   Cotton layer helps prevent scratches

   3 Layer Non-Woven black side panels allow car cover to breath and prevent moisture build-ups
Availabe Sizes
Small Fits Models up to 170"
Medium Fits Models up to 185"
Large  Fits Models up to 200"
XLarge Fits Models up to 225"
XXLarge Fits Models up to 256"

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