Waterproof and Non-slip Sweat Towel Front Car Seat Cover for Truck SUV Sedan

In addition to the basic features of non-slip, dustproof, comfort and breathability, Leader Accessories general towel front car seat covers are waterproof. Whether you’re a fan of workout, enjoying outdoor activities, drinking in your car, or you have pets or children in car, it’s a great choice for you to keep your seat clean. What’s worth mentioning is that although it’s machine washable, you can’t dry it in a drier.

  • Brand: Leader Accessories
  • Item NO.: 10203115, 10203116, 10203213, 101468, 101469
  • Lead time: 45 days
  • Color: Black, White, Blue, Beige, Grey
  • MOQ: 100
  • Payment terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
  • Shipping term: FOB
  • Product Details

    Product Tags



    Product name:

    Seat cover

    Compatible car model:

    SUV, sedan, truck, etc.


    Sweat towel

    Item weight:

    14.5 ounces

    Package dimensions:

    12*10*2.5 inches


    Single front seat cover

    Special features:

    Machine washable, 100% waterproof


    Optional colors


    Item No.10203115
    Color: Black


    Item No.10203116
    Color: Grey


    Item No.101468
    Color: Blue


    Item No.10203213
    Color: Beige


    Item No.101469
    Color: White


    ● Great to use after athletes-workouts, swimming, boating, running, wrestling, boxing, yoga, cycling, etc.

    ● Fairly soft towel material with features as in anti-slip, compatible with side airbags, waterproof, and machine washable. Note, no use of dryer.

    ● Leader Accessories single front waterproof car seat cover is suitable for the majority of autos, for both front and rear seats.

    ● Shields interior bucket seat or bench from sweat after workouts, water, beverage, pet hairs, daily dirt and dust, dandruff, etc.
    ● Easy installation and storage, rolling up to store, tying up with elastic straps, barely taking up spaces.


    The single front sweat towel seat cover is the ideal choice when you get back from the beach as there is no need to change your swimsuit. This cloth front seat cover will sop up swinsuit like a towel. Also, thanks to its waterproof lining, you needn't worry your car seats getting wet.


    This universal Leader Accessories soft sweat towel seat cover, which is designed to fit for almost all kinds of seats, contains 3 layers, the first layer is a soft towel, the second layer is a waterproof film, and the third layer is rubber anti-slip backing, using waterproof car seat covers like this is able to protect your pristine seat, make the grimy interiors look new.


    Besides odorless and durable, another characteristic of all our towel waterproof car seat covers is that it won’t break easily or stain or stick to your seat, which makes it a great option as a gift for your family and friends, especially for families with children and pets.


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