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All of Leader Accessories’ business activities have brought very promising turnover. This is a result that we are absolutely proud of. But we are ambitious and ready for the next step. In terms of our collection, and in expanding to other countries. Let's start with North America. In order to achieve this growth ambition, we have just built a brand new sustainable factory. Therefore, we have obtained all the relevant certificates. The building is not only beautiful in appearance, but also ensures the best working conditions, we produce nonwovens for our car covers, and we also have our own material laboratory equipment to ensure-manage quality control, capacity and delivery control, as well as comprehensive production control from raw materials to finished products! We have an R & D center in China and a design institute in the United States to develop and launch hundreds of new products every year. In addition, with available US warehouses, Leader Accessories can also provide domestic services to local customers in the United States.

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