Locking a Kayak to a Roof Rack in 4 Simple Steps


Step 1: tie two belts to the kayak.

The position of the belt should allow you to easily approach the belt buckle using the locking mechanism and wrap the end of each belt around the railing of the roof rack.

In my case, I just need to put 1/4 of the entire width of the kayak on the button, turn my head to the other side, wrap one end around the bar, and then go back to the other side and circle it again on that side. Perform these steps on the two watch bands and adjust

them accordingly.

Please feel free to use the tying method that is effective for you. The key is that the kayak should be firmly fastened with the locking device of the belt.

Step 2: fasten the belt at the other end of the bar and lock the kayak in place.

Grab one end of the belt and ring it at the other end of the luggage rack bar on the roof of the kayak. Then, insert one end into the watch strap buckle. Go around the bar again and use any safe knot you know to keep the belt tight.

The belt should be fastened as firmly as the Leader Accessories kayak lock belt, assuming you have tried the product.

Step 3: lock the watch strap with the key.

Don’t do this until you’re sure you’ve got the kind of fit you want with the strap. Test the locking mechanism by pulling the leather. The belt cannot be loosened and the kayak cannot glide horizontally.

Step 4: reinforce it with metal chains and padlocks.

You can tie the chain to the railing, just as you do with the belt. I suggest you buy a chain that is as thick and heavy as possible so that it is not as fragile as a standard kayak cable lock and can be removed with standard bolt cutters.

Similarly, you can use any number of loops at will, assuming that the chain can hold that length. You can even wrap it on any sturdy post nearby, if there is one or loop through the chassis near your car.

Once you are satisfied with the way you tie the chain, use a padlock to lock it in place.

Post time: Jul-09-2022