Knowledge about roof racks

The car roof rack is a very practical car accessory that can help car owners carry more items and provide greater storage space during driving. Its appearance makes the use of the car more convenient and flexible, especially suitable for those who often need to carry items.

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There are many types of car roof racks, including luggage racks, bike racks, kayak racks, and more. According to actual needs, car owners can choose different types of top racks to meet their needs. The luggage rack is suitable for carrying luggage, backpacks and other items, which is very convenient for travel. The bicycle rack can fix the bicycle on the roof, saving the trouble of putting the bicycle into the compartment, which brings great convenience to hiking and cycling enthusiasts. A kayak rack easily carries a kayak or other water gear.

1. How to choose a roof rack for your car

1) Load capacity. The roof rack is responsible for carrying the carried items, so the load capacity is a very important indicator. According to the weight of the items you need to carry, it is very critical to choose the appropriate top shelf load capacity.

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2) The installation method of the roof rack also needs to be considered. Some roof racks require the use of roof rails to secure them, while others can be mounted directly to the roof. Car owners need to choose the appropriate installation method according to their own vehicle structure and installation difficulty.

3) The material and durability of the roof rack are also factors that need to be considered. Typically, roof racks can be made of metal or plastic. Metal roof racks are stronger and more durable, but relatively add weight and cost. Plastic roof racks are lighter, but less durable. Car owners can choose the right material according to their needs and budget.

4) Car owners should also consider price and brand when purchasing a roof rack. Choose a suitable roof rack according to your own budget, and choose a brand with good reputation and reputation, which can ensure product quality and after-sales service.

2. How to install the car roof rack

1) Clean the roof: Before installation, clean the roof surface to make sure it is clean, flat and free from dust or other obstructions.

2) Install fixed points: According to the specific design of the vehicle and the top frame, connect the fixed points (such as side guard bars, handrails, etc.) with the top frame. Make sure the connections are tight and not loose or wobbly.

3) Install the transom: place the transom on the fixing point and secure it to the car body using the provided bolts or clips. Make sure that the beam is tightly connected to the body and is flat and level.

4) Install accessories: Install other accessories, such as luggage, bicycle racks, etc., as needed. Make sure the accessories match the top frame and fit securely.

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In short, the car roof rack is a very practical car accessory that can provide car owners with more storage space and convenience. By choosing the type, load capacity, installation method, material and price of the roof rack reasonably, car owners can configure an ideal roof rack for their cars to meet various carrying needs and improve the convenience and comfort of travel.

Post time: Jul-21-2023