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In 2015, we signed exclusive contracts with 6 local market customers and 8 overseas market customers in Shanghai, Ningbo, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Florida, California and Australia. In 2016, warehouse with an area of more than 120000 square feet opened in the U.S. In 2017, we nearly double our profit as we have expanded our business to more countries as in the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, Malaysia and other domestic and foreign markets, currently, two warehouses in the United States, one in Los Angeles and the other in Wisconsin, perfectly maintain inventory and provide warehousing and logistics solutions, so they can be shipped directly and domestically, providing flexibility for our customers. Equipped with Oracle NetSuite systems, ECCANG ERP, and contracted with SPS Business, our advanced systems and processes take advantage of the latest technology and management, so we know how to move your products quickly and economically.

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