2pcs 17pcs General Sideless Faux Leather Low Back Car Seat Covers for Trucks SUV

Both 2 pcs leather front seat covers and 17 pcs leather seat covers full set are optional here, having seat covers is a great way to protect your car if you have children, pets, or if you’re into exercise or outdoor activities. Leader Accessories general low back seat covers are able to keep as much grime and other dirty stuff out of your pristine seats, besides, it frees airflow, which allows your skin to breathe and makes your driving more enjoyable for you and your passengers.

  • Brand: Leader Accessories
  • Item NO.: 10203079, 10203080, 10203174, 10203202, 10203203, 10203205
  • Lead time: 45 days
  • Color: Black, Grey, Beige
  • MOQ: 100
  • Payment terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
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    Seat covers

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    Van, SUV, sedan, etc.


    Faux Leather




    Item No.10203079
    Set:17 pcs


    Item No.10203174
    Set:17 pcs


    Item No.10203080
    Set:17 pcs


    Item No.10203202
    Set:2 pcs


    Item No.10203205
    Set:2 pcs


    Item No.10203203
    Set:2 pcs


    ● Designed to fit the majority of seats, the covers are made from durable, comfortable, and breathable perforated faux leather with 3 mm foam padding.

    ● Please be sure that your headrests are detachable and your side airbags are compatible with our seat cover before buying it.

    ● The 3 zippers of the backrest cover allow the cover to accommodate 60/40 split, the bottom cover has no zippers, the leather rear seat cover allows the backrest, middle armrest, and cup holder to come down by unzipping the zipper.

    ● Leather split rear seat covers, which are designed to hold infant / child car seats, allow you to fully use the rear seat belt or the built-in anchor behind the lower backrest, apart from that, we adopt a hard-wearing buckle rather than an elastic strap that makes it easier to get through the bottom of the seat to install the cover.

    ● The 17 pieces full set includes:
    - 2 pcs front seat cover
    - 1 pc backrest cover
    - 1 pc rear seat cushion
    - 5 pcs headrest cover
    - 1 pcs universal steering wheel cover (14.5-15.5 inches)
    - 4 pcs shoulder pads
    - 2 pcs air fresheners
    - 1 pc cloth mesh

    ● The 2 pieces front seat covers set includes 2 front seat covers.




    The elastic fabric and adjustable straps of this Leader Accessories 2pcs/17pcs seat covers not only make for easy installation and removal, but make it possible to fit almost all the cars, vans, and SUVs, etc.

    Note: Please make sure that your seats are compatible with our seat covers before purchasing this 2pcs leather front seat covers set or 17pcs leather seat covers full set.



    Your body tends to get fatigued if you’re driving without a seat cover, also, long-distance driving will be a little uncomfortable if you don’t have a good seat cover.

    The fabric of our high-end perforated faux leather contains 3 layers, faux leather + 3 mm foam padding + backing, soft, breathable and hard-wearing, easy to clean, also the innovative design takes your car’s style up a notch.

    Note: better to wipe clean and air dry.

    -Benefits of having a seat cover


    An ideal seat cover can not only protect your car seat so you don't have to replace your pristine seat, but make cleaning easier, Leader Accessories car seats will last longer and endow your car with a higher resale value, if you have an aged car, boisterous children or pets, having seat covers is always a smart choice to keep your car seats clean as they are able to protect against dust, dirt, mud and so forth.


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