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Leader Accessories is not just a simple supply and demand company, its idea is to provide a better and more elegant lifestyle for our products. With unique and innovative product design, our outdoor sports gives our customers a better reason to stay outdoors. Leader Accessories has an area of 910000 square meters of production base, with more than 500 employees, Leader Accessories is an international enterprise integrating car covers, seat covers, bicycle racks, canoe racks and other accessories and e-commerce, we manufacture Non-Woven Fabric for our Vehicle Covers and we also have our own material lab equipment which could ensure--- Managed Quality Control, Capacity & Lead Time Control and Full Production Control from Raw Materials to Finished Products! Equipped with our Research & Development Center in China and Design House in USA, we develop and launch hundreds of new products annually. Furthermore, with available US-based warehouses, Leader Accessories could also offer domestic services to local US customers.

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