The way to choose the best bike rack for your vehicle

There are three main styles to choose from, and each vehicle configuration has a bike rack.

Exploring your holiday destination by bike during the holiday season is a great way to relax, but to do that, you need a way to transport your bike by car.

There are many ways to transport bicycles on your vehicle, but when deciding to use a bicycle rack, you need to consider the features and advantages of a particular rack model, as well as where they are placed on the vehicle.

There are three basic options for carrying bicycles: rooftop bike racks, Towbar-mounted bike racks and hitch-mounted bike racks.

1. Rooftop bike rack.

The bike rack installed on the roof gives you full access to the trunk of your vehicle and allows you to load up to four bicycles. Rooftop bicycle trucks are ideal for cars with lower heights and smaller SUV, or models without drag poles.

2. Towbar-mounted bicycle racks

The Towbar-mounted bicycle rack is the most common and convenient choice on the bicycle rack. These bike racks can hold one or four bikes, are easy to install, and limit heavy objects and lifting, which is especially important for electric bike owners.

3. Hitch mounted bike rack.

For vehicles without a roof rack or drag bar, installing a belt on a bicycle rack on your hitch is an ideal choice. Although this type of luggage rack takes a few minutes to load your car at a time, it is foldable and easy to store when not in use.


Post time: Oct-08-2022