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Established in 2011, Leader Accessories is an experienced manufacturer who also provides full service and supply chain solutions. Over the past 10 years, Leader Accessories supplies quality Automotive Aftermarket Accessories and Lifestyle Products to customers in over 60 countries across the globe. We manufacture an extensive line of Automotive, Boat & Outdoor Accessories including all kinds of Vehicle Covers, Car Seat Covers,RV Covers, Boat Covers, Boat Seats, Bimini tops and Cargo management and so on. We manufacture Non-Woven Fabric for our Vehicle Covers and we also have our own material lab equipment which could ensure--- Managed Quality Control, Capacity & Lead Time Control and Full Production Control from Raw Materials to Finished Products! Equipped with our Research & Development Center in China and Design House in USA, we develop and launch hundreds of new products annually. Furthermore, with available US-based warehouses, Leader Accessories could also offer domestic services to local US customers.

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