How to protect your seat from sweat and dirt pollution easily?

Do you have any trouble in the car seat pollution from sweat and dirt after exercises and outdoor activities? It won’t be a matter again if you choose Leader Accessories Waterproof Towel Seat cover.

Leader Accessories Towel Seat Cover is specially designed for those people who are frustrated with their seats always polluted by sweat and dirt after exercises. It’s consist of three layers, sweat absorbent breathable towel, waterproof PE film and anti-slip backing with rubber drops. The seat cover is machine washable and easy to storage by rolling it up. It allows you to put on and take off this seat cover within 5 seconds for frequent wash.

It’s great for athletes-workouts, swimming, surfing, running, boxing, biking, dog park, beach, Gym, Yoga etc. As long as you sweat a lot, this product will be your best choice to protect your auto seats interior. It is also custom for dog or pets always pollute your car seats after outdoor activities.

This waterproof towel seat cover fits all kinds of vehicles, for both front seats and rear seats. It can also be used on chair, sofa etc. It’s an ideal choice for you to keep your car seat clean!


Post time: Jan-21-2022