Using Experience of Leader Accessories Kayak Racks from Customers

J Bar Rooftop Kayak Rack with Tie Down Straps


“I recently bought my first kayak racks – not that fancy, a basic recreational kayak - and am new to this kind of activity. The bolts, nuts and washers are all in a good condition, assembly instructions may not the best but easy enough to figure it out, we have a check every single time we load them up and so far have not experienced any loosening of the hardware. Although the ratchet straps are a little bit on the narrow side, it secures the kayak well enough. I imagine that in time they’re gonna be needing to be replaced but considering its price, replacement straps won’t be a big deal to me. The foam padding also seems fairly sturdy. There’s not any tearing, compression or flaking. We’ve only been using the racks for about 3 weeks now (and we’re getting out around 3 times a week) and therefore I cannot say how this set up is going to do with time going by, whereas judging by the usage so far I expect these kayak racks to hold up well and am glad with this purchase.”


2 in 1 Aluminum Rooftop Folding J Bar Kayak


“These are definitely a good value. Maybe they are not as good as some big brand kayak racks, however, you can't beat the price, and they've been working nice for me. The straps are working just fine, and after relocking the kayak rack in place it held up all the way home, but I would still recommend buying some wider, studier straps other than the ones that come with this rack.”


Post time: Nov-05-2021