How to choose RV Cover

A suitable RV Cover can provide a long-term protection for our RV. It protects our vehicle from sun, snow, wind and different elements damage. Then how to choose a proper RV cover?

First step, identify your RV’s body style. Although it sounds simple, it is really important. There is vast difference of shapes and sizes between different types RV cover. See below pictures of different RV types:

How to choose RV Cover1

Second step, choose correct cover size. For an RV cover to be effective, the fit should be snug and secure. Before purchasing a cover, measure the length, height and width of your RV.

Height: starting from mid-wheel, measure the height to the top of the roof

Length: from bumper to bumper, including rear spare tire.

Width: measure the width of both the rear bumper and the front windshield.

Step three, choose the correct fabric for your RV. Most RV covers are made of polyester, polypropylene, Polyethylene (Tyvek) or solution-dyed acrylic(like Sunbrella). Your climate will determine the fabric for your RV.

Polyester: polyester provides an excellent protection to UV.  Usually this kind of fabric has a bottom layer-PU coating, which has a good waterproof function, but usually it is not breathable .  It is ideal for hot and dry climate. For south of US, Australia, it is a good choice. Market share is about 15%.

Polypropylene(non-woven): rugged and durable, polypropylene is highly resistant to fatigue, cracking, and acid damage. It is UV resistant, water resistant and breathable. With an acceptable cost, 65% covers in the world are made of polypropylene. It is an excellent choice for Europe and north of US. Leader’s most popular RV covers are made of thick 4 layers polypropylene with anti-UV component, breathable and water resistant, protect the RV against rain, snow and etc.

Polyethylene(Tyvek): this fabric is strong and tear resistant. With a high-density, nonporous surface, polyethylene won’t allow water to penetrate, but air is able to pass through to prevent mildew grown. Great choice for wet and rainy condition. Cost is high and market share is about 10%.

  • Solution-dyed acrylic (Sunbrella): It is heavy duty, made with UV-resistant dyes and provides superior protection from sun damage. Solution-dyed acrylic RV covers typically have a waterproof coating, making them a good option for all-weather use. Usually this fabric is for custom-fit RV cover with a high cost.

Leader accessories is focus on RV market for more than 15 years, with rich experience, hope to help you to find the suitable RV covers for your market.

Post time: Nov-12-2021