How to select a car cover

Rain on a rainy day, the bright sun on a sunny day, the feces of birds on trees, and the scratches of passersby can all cause harm to our car. To avoid this situation, we can prepare a “clothing” that belongs to our car. So, how should we choose a car cover for our car?

Firstly, materials

The materials used in car clothing should have good flame retardancy. Compared to nano flame retardant and gold flame retardant materials, they are better. They not only have good flame retardancy, but also are not too soft and will not cause scratches on the vehicle body. Non woven fabrics are excellent nano flame retardant materials, and they are a new generation of environmentally friendly materials that do not support combustion, but also have characteristics such as moisture resistance, breathability, and flexibility.

Secondly, waterproofing

The waterproofing of the car cover is equally important, preventing rainwater from penetrating the car body through the car jacket. Keeping the car body clean can also prevent the acidic substances contained in the rainwater from damaging the car paint.
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Thirdly, dimensions

When measuring the size of the car cover, remember to blindly choose the larger size. Choosing based on the vehicle model is the most suitable. If it is too loose, it may be lifted off when encountering wind, or the parts of the car cover may scratch the car paint; Choosing the car cover completely according to the size of the car may not take care of the lower half of the car, especially for modified cars, which may increase the length or width of the car itself; Therefore, choosing a size slightly larger than the size of the car itself is the most appropriate when selecting the size of the car cover. In addition, when fitting the car cover, it is important to pull the rope to ensure that it fits snugly with the car.

Fourth, workmanship

The workmanship of the car cover should be fine and the stitching should be tight. Some manufacturers choose slightly larger needles for stitching to save time. Large gaps between the needles and threads can easily cause water leakage, and poor treatment of the stitching can easily tear in windy weather.

Finally, insulation performance

If the car is frequently exposed to the sun, the paint will age faster and fade more easily. It is best for the car’s clothing to prevent heat sources such as ultraviolet and infrared rays, timely dissipate the heat inside the car, maintain the temperature inside the car not too high, and also protect the body.
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Post time: May-12-2023