Leader Accessories’ Solution to agaisnt rain and wind for Car Cover

Any problem when use a vehicle cover during heavy rainy or windy day?

No worry again, Leader Accessories’ new Waterproof and Windproof Car Cover will solve all the problems that you concern.

With the new technology waterproof material and Ultra Sonic Sewing, the rain won’t link inside again, even in heavy rainy day.

Leader Accessories New Waterproof Car Cover

With our latest WINDPROOF SYSTEM 2.0, the cover won’t be brown away in strong windy day!


Mildew won’t be a problem either in Leader Accessories’ smart design on the Air Ventilation Window which allows good ventilation to avoid. It makes the cover good at breathability together with Waterproof and Windproof.

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Leader Accessoires Car Cover is always your ideal choice! We keeps offer innovation on the product development to our customers in globe!

Post time: Jul-29-2022