The owner of a bicycle shop in Florida said he’s seen an increase in purchases.


Few things affect cycling as much as a pandemic. 

Gary Halsey owns Pedal Driven Bike Shop in Sanford. ”everyone is locked at home and trapped in their own house,” Halsey said. Cycling is one of the ways to get out of home, work and any trap. “ For many stores, sales of bicycles and accessories doubled in 2020. Now, gasoline prices make people think more about how many cars they drive. We wonder if this will make people more interested in running errands or cycling to and from work. I don’t know if this is directly related to natural gas sales, but we are definitely seeing an increase, and I think you can allocate some of it to natural gas sales. Recently, a considerable number of people have shown interest in e-bikes, which can use battery-powered electric power to pedal or travel, Halsey said. ”for commuters, regardless of your health, it makes your job easier, especially if you want to work in an office, you don’t want to arrive hot and wet and sweaty,” Halsey said. “ Halsey says he and other cyclists are working to expand and connect the local trail network. He has a dream that one day those who choose to commute by bike will not be widely mixed with cars and trucks. ”it really helps people commute without the danger of standing by the side of the road,” Halsey said. “ Halsey hopes that when people say, “Hey, I might buy a bike, try to walk around, go to the grocery store or run some of my short errands, instead of starting the car to do these things, it’s only half a joke.” For years, bicycle advocates have been pushing a two-wheel commute, believing it’s better for your health, environment, and entertainment, nowadays. 

Post time: Aug-08-2022