What is the most popular type of RV in US?


● 1 out of 5 recreational vehicles is classified as a “conventional travel trailer” in the US.

● Over 423,775 travel trailers were sold in 2021 in the US

● Jayco Jay Flight was the best-selling travel trailer in 2022 representing 6.95 of all travel trailer sold.

● 14% of households own Type A or fifth wheel motor homes.

● 107,655 fifth wheel was shipped in 2021, taking over as the primary RV a family owns.

● 56,212 motor homes were shipped in 2021.

Americans bought 600,240 recreational vehicles in 2021. Of this, the most popular model purchased was the conventional travel trailer, selling around 423755 that year.  Travel trailers are popular due to their versatility, affordability and variety of models available on the market.

107655 fifth-wheels on average are sold a year. The prices are a lot higher than travel trailers but lower than motor homes. They offer a great use of space and can be unhitched and left in the campgrounds, unlike motor homes. Class A motor homes are the most expensive ranging between $50,000 – $100,000 and can even cost up to $1 million; hence the lower sales of this luxury item for the past few years.  

Post time: Apr-15-2022