What you need to know before buying a car cover

The car cover is usually made of cloth or other flexible and wear-resistant materials. It belongs to the protective product, and an ideal car cover can not only protect your vehicle from UV, hail, bird droppings, wind, and dust, but also keep your vehicle safe from car thieves by keeping the properties inside your vehicle out of plain sight, If thieves want to steal your car, spending more time taking off your car cover may be the key to whether they get caught or not, besides, it can prevent the excessive temperature inside the car in summer, that is, it has heat insulation function as well as in this Leader Accessories 5 Layers Breathable Xtra Guard Sedan Car Cover that has all the functions mentioned above and it can also prevent your car from scratching resulted from man-made or natural causes.


There are different kinds of car covers, like sedan cover, SUV cover, truck cover, etc. And there are 3 layers and 5 layers car cover from Leader Accessories, the most popular 3 layers cover is made of non-woven fabric, which is water-resistant, while the 5 layers one is made of 3 layers of non-woven fabric and a film of UV stabilizer in the top and a PE film in the middle, which is waterproof, both of them are fairly breathable and able to prevent your vehicle from hazardous elements such as harsh sun rays, tree leaves, bird droppings, snow, rain, dust, and industrial pollutants, etc.


In Europe and the United States, a great number of cars parked in open-air parking lots at night are covered with car covers to prevent different kinds of damages caused by bad weather. The same is true during the holiday season, when a large number of citizens crowding into tourist attractions, and most of the cars parked at home are covered. Many people use car covers even if they park their cars in the garage, and Leader Accessories car covers can also be used both indoors and outdoors, not just in Europe and the United States, in South Asia in the hot summer, many cars parked in the open air are covered to varying degrees, mainly to protect against excessive and harsh sunlight and the causing high temperature inside the car.

Post time: Jul-27-2021