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Until now, we expanded our production base to 210000 square meters, added automation equipment and upgraded our information management system. The exhibition hall area has been increased to 80000 square meters, which is completely designed for high-end configuration. Product research and development adheres to the principles of precision design, exquisite craftsmanship and details first, with the goal of winning quality. In addition, we have also established strategic partnerships with more than 30 international high-end companies around the world, including Costco, Repco, Jula, etc. In 2020, the company's production capacity has increased significantly, the quality of word-of-mouth is famous all over the world, the sales channels are diversified, the talent team is globalized, and the brand influence is greatly excavated. In order to achieve greater growth, we have carried out strategic cooperation with a number of international well-known design institutes and large high-end brand chain channels.

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